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Nathan's My Barber at 1817 Washington Way, #B, Longview, WA 98632

Where I’ve been

I was born in Vancouver, WA and raised in Odessa, TX. I moved back to Vancouver, WA and decided to go into the family trade to become a barber. I graduated from barber school and began my barbering career in Vancouver, WA. I’ve worked at a variety of popular barbershops until I moved to Longview, WA.

In Texas I worked at my family’s barbershop. Now, I’m running my own barbershop in Longview, WA working to be the best barber and barbershop in Longview, WA that I can be. 

Family Barber History

My family’s barbing history spreads throughout Vancouver and Portland all the way to Texas. My grandparents owned VIP Cuts, was located on Highway 99 in Vancouver, WA. My Great Uncle owns Arlos. He and the barbers, that opened Bernie And Rollie's, all worked together and went to school with each other, they mentored some of the best barbershop owners today. My mother owned Koalatcuts in Oregon, 42nd Street Barbershop in Odessa, TX, and she owns another barbershop in Whitney, TX.

Just Moved To Longview, WA

I moved to Longview, WA and started working at a local barbershop. It is now time for me to venture on my own and make new connections and build my own barbershop. I’m living my dream every day. Being a barber is my passion.

The Practice Itself

Barbering is my passion! It’s what I wake up ready to do every day. It’s always changing and there’s always a new challenge right around the corner. Competition is good. It pushes us to be better versions of ourselves, that’s why I do the absolute best on each client. There are different techniques to the art, whether your cutting Old School styles or Urban styles, each one with their respective traits. I never want to be bored so I learn every style there is and enjoy every client, giving them a customized, personalized experience.

Different Styles

There are two different main styles that I focus on using various techniques to obtain the absolute best outcome and experience for each customer that comes to the barbershop in Longview, WA. 

Old School Cuts

I’ve been trained by Master Barbers that have accumulated over 200 years of barbering experience. While working at a variety of barbershop I’ve had the privilege of learning their techniques. I also learned from military barbers who taught me how to do every old school haircut: business men, tapers, flattops, shaves, you name it I can do it. 

Urban Style Cuts

I’ve been trained by Urban Master Barbers and self-taught myself techniques from different sources.  Some of these styles include: Under Cut, Bald Fades, Drop Fades, Burst Fades, Uptown Fades, and designs. One of the most fun and challenging styles is Urban haircuts. They have a diversity that’s unmatched. 

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